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Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal is Science Fiction Beauty

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A notable difference between laser and electrolysis is that lasers only disrupt the hair follicle, while electrolysis completely destroys it. The major setback of electrolysis is that it treats one follicle at a time, while a laser can target quite a large area and disrupt hundreds of follicles at a time.

Technology is improving at a blistering pace. Ten years ago no one would have thought that lasers would be used to remove hair. That is right, the commercial application of laser technology as a hair removal technique is less than ten years old.

On the other hand, electrolysis was first spoken about 133 years ago. This means that electrolysis has a long tradition and can be trusted as we have had ample time to study the long term effects. As of present we understand more about the electronic processes involved in particles than we do of the other forces, energies and vibrations that keep this world together.

When you compare the prices of the two procedures it becomes apparent that laser treatment is not only the cheaper option in the long run, but also the quickest and most convenient. So why is electrolysis still around?

The first thing to note here is that in the immediate short term, electrolysis is more affordable. You can have one session a week, so your weekly expense will be around $50. If you had one laser treatment, it would set you back over $2,000. Very few people can afford that, but $50 is within the budget constraints of most people.

Another advantage with electrolysis is that it can be used around the eye area. The lasers used for hair removal is too strong to risk aiming it near someone’s eyes. So if you chose to have your eyebrows thinned, then electrolysis is your only permanent electrolysis hair removal option.

You might be thinking, ‘hey wait a minute, waxing or shaving is a lot cheaper and more convenient’. Well, is it? How much do you spend on wax, shaving cream and razors in twenty years? How much time do you spend each week with a razor in your hand or plucking hair from your legs? How much pain and discomfort does that cause you? There is only one viable answer to this personal dilemma.

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