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Five Breakout Beauty Products of 2009

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This year has gone by in a flash! It seems like just yesterday that I was trading out my spring blush for a warmer summer shade. 2009 has been an interesting year to say the least and the beauty industry has not been excluded. We’ve seen new cult products emerge and beauty trends rise and fall within the past twelve months.

As you reflect on what the past year has meant to you take a look at what the beauty world has experienced. I can’t wait to see what 2010 will bring.

Sara Happ Lip Scrub & Lip Slip

These two adorable products lure everyone into buying them once they see their pretty packaging. I had never even heard of a lip exfoliator until six months ago but now I can’t imagine living without it!

Klorane Dry Shampoo

This has to be one of the best inventions since sliced bread. It cuts down on washing hair and makes me look refreshed when I’m not quite feeling my best.

Moroccan Oil

Beauty secrets of the stars have always been envied by the masses. Now we know what they use to make their hair shiny, bright, and beautiful - Morrocan Oil.

Michael Kors Very Hollywood

Michael Kors struck gold when he introduced his ‘Very Hollywood’ fragrance to women everywhere. This girly and flashy fragrance makes everyone feel a little more glamorous even if they aren’t apart of the Hollywood elite.

Lippmann Collection ‘Happy Birthday’

Finally for the first time in a decade, glitter nail polish has made its grand entrance. Now middle school girls aren’t the only ones with sparkle on their nails - even middle aged women have been seen sporting this glittery trend.

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Could You Make a Fortune With Your Own Homemade Beauty Products?

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With the condition of the economy today, more and more people are going back to basic in order to save money.  Many goods or services that are commonly purchased can be taken care of from our home.  Many homeowners are doing their own repairs and maintenance, making their own clothing, dog food and homemade beauty products.  It’s not uncommon these days to see a car being repaired in a driveway.

Have you ever given any thought to making homemade beauty products and making money with them?  While it may be difficult to turn this into a business you can certainly save a small fortune when you make your own beauty product items.

Anybody that has access to fresh produce and a blender can make their own homemade beauty items.  There are plenty of websites online that provide downloadable recipes for these beauty products.  The only requirement is that the recipes be used for personal use and they are not published elsewhere.  With a little experimentation you can find what works best for you, allowing you to mix and match ingredients to produce an effective formula.

It makes sense to make your own beauty products for a number of reasons.  Human skin can absorb more than half of whatever is applied to it.  Therefore, it seems like we shouldn’t put anything onto our skin that we wouldn’t be willing to eat.  Additionally, cosmetics made at home are better for the environment since most of the ingredients can be found in a kitchen pantry and contain no chemicals.

Some of the common ingredients that are used are olive oil, lemon, avocado, honey, almonds, and chamomile teas.  Each of these ingredients offers a variety of benefits to the skin.  They contain vitamin E, antioxidant and moisturizing properties.  Whether you are trying to condition the skin or treat a condition such as acne, there is a natural ingredient that will do the trick.

Olive oil is considered to be a staple when making your own cosmetic products.  It is an excellent moisturizer and provides important antioxidants.  When it is applied directly to the skin the results can be seen immediately.  Olive oil also makes and excellent conditioner for the scalp or hair.

While you may come up with a formula that will make you a fortune, you will definitely save money when you make your own homemade beauty products.  You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what your products contain.  Not only that you will receive the benefits of using natural and wholesome products on your skin no matter what type it is.  You can create a formula that is perfect for your hair and skin.

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The Beauty of Pure Mineral Makeup

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You have probably heard of mineral makeup as the newest method of applying makeup safely and dependably on your skin. Do you know the difference between authentic pure mineral makeup and bogus diluted mineral makeup?

Not all mineral makeup is created the same. Some are the real deal, while others are just empty, bogus canisters of fluff. Examples of such filler materials are excessive amounts of talc or even cornstarch! Here are some general tips on differentiating the real from the fake:

Comfort versus Irritation

The first sign that you’ve got bogus rather than pure mineral makeup is when you start noticing your skin getting irritated by the powder.

Truly pure mineral makeup is composed of naturally occurring minerals, and rarely irritates the skin unless you’re specifically allergic to the said material. However, the addition of ‘filler’ materials usually causes a negative skin reaction. That’s because these filler materials are composed of chemicals that are designed to look a lot like the real deal, but serve nothing except to add weight to the material.

Little versus Much

Another sure sign that you’re using a diluted product is the need to dig deep into the container to get enough powder to have an effect on your complexion.

Pure mineral makeup is composed of very fine powders that add color to your skin with even just a tiny amount spread out evenly on your cheeks. Diluted makeup does not have the same amount of fine powdered minerals that would add color, so more diluted powder would be needed to achieve the same effect as pure mineral makeup.

Powder versus Caking

As previously mentioned, pure mineral cosmetics are composed of very fine powders. These fine powders will not cake in the absence of humidity, and will not clump together to form solid lumps.

If you notice cakes and lumps forming inside the container, think twice about the brand you’re currently using. If the caking happens on the dry surface of your skin, then you really need to switch brands as soon as possible.

Trust versus Obscurity

This is where brands come into consideration. Cosmetics are all about trust, and it would be infinitely safer for you if you stayed with a brand that’s well-known and well-established in cosmetic circles.

This is because all products would want to claim that they have high-quality merchandise in their hands, and that nothing is wrong with it. However, there are those that tell the truth, and those that don’t. Being a common citizen with little to no knowledge about the truth behind the hard-to-pronounce chemicals in the labels, it would be a wise decision to stay with brands that are trusted and have a long history of good performance.

Your beauty should not come at a price, and authentic, pure mineral makeup will help make sure you become beautiful and stay beautiful. These rules of thumb all help to empower you to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake. Hopefully, you’ll take these lessons to heart and remember them the next time you compare the cosmetics being offered to you.

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Beauty Secrets Are All Around You

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Are you seeking beauty secrets? Maybe you should realize that the most important beauty secret is that there is no single secret that will help every woman. Every woman is unique, and therefore, so are her beauty needs. In your search for beauty secrets, you may not notice the obvious. Stress is a major cause of aging, thus relief from it will help maintain your youthful beauty. The spa is an excellent place to visit if you want to get rid of stress. Massages, mud, and other beauty wraps are also popular and effective methods of relaxing.

Your mother or grandmother can probably give you some good beauty secrets. People have different skin, and your family is more likely to have gone through the same problems that you may be experiencing. Someone in your family may have already found a treatment that helps eliminate early wrinkles or ward off pimples for your skin type.

You can also look for more beauty secrets on the World-Wide-Web. Hop online for more beauty tips, but keep in mind that some of the information you find may not work for you. Women’s magazines are also a good source of beauty tips and treatments. They offer a huge variety of tips that may or may not work. You might say that half of the fun is experimenting with your friends, or spending a night alone to pamper yourself with new treatments.

Try to keep track of your own beauty secrets for future reference. There will come a time when you discover an amazing facial in the local beauty store, but a few weeks down the road, you can’t remember the brand name. You can also come up with an effective homemade treatment for acne, but then forget the basic ingredients that you put in it.

Every generation thinks that they are facing a unique problem that old methods cannot handle. This idea is both true and false. Old fashioned methods can treat your beauty problems. In some cases, the environment has changed so much that your beauty or skin care needs may require new treatments.

Keep in mind that you should be careful about what you apply to your skin or what you put into your body. While drinking a lot of water is one of the effective and reliable beauty secrets that you can safely try, putting a potentially harmful substance in or on your body is a risk that you should not take.

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Beauty From Bathing

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Having a bath can be what you do every day. Do not just waste your time on bathing only, you can also make yourself more beautiful and lose a bit of weight during your bath. This is not just a personal idea. It is actually one of the traditional beauty tips from the Japanese women.

Basically you can find two types of bath products including bath foam and bath powder (salt). Different ingredients in the bath products can have different functions. For example the jojoba oil can help moisturize the skin. With a 20 minutes bath with such product, you can feel the moisture in your skin.

On the other hand, rose can help enhance your emotion and increase your female hormone. Such relaxing fragrance can activate the secretion of your “happy hormone” which in turn dilates your capillaries for a better sweating and skincare result. If you have pimples at the back, bathing in cooler, mint or with sodium bicarbonate bath products can remove the excessive sebum and dirt.

If you do not want to buy the chemical bath products, you can simply use milk. Pour a small bottle of milk into hot water. Bathe in the milk bath for 30 minutes. This milk bath can help lighten your skin and it is extremely good for skin after tanning. Have milk bath 1-2 times a week, you will experience permanent whitening of skin.

To lose weight, you can have bath more often during ovulation. It is better to bathe only your lower body part instead of the full body. During menstruation, you are not advised to bathe. After ovulation to the period before menstruation, waste and water are easily accumulated inside the body. Through bath, you can release the waste and water out.

Metabolism rate is at the highest during the female ovulation, therefore it is easiest to lose weight right at this time. Bath during ovulation can help accelerate the metabolism and enhance blood circulation. You can also try to add some Japanese Sake into the water and rub your body until you sweat. This method is actually used by some celebrities to keep fit!

Finally, you should pay attention to some tips here. Water temperature around 39 to 40 degree Celsius is best. If the water temperature is over 42 degree Celsius, it can be dangerous to those who have heart disease. It is always recommend bathing only lower body part, you can have a full body bath at your final 5 minutes. You should not bathe when you are sick or with skin problem.

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Beauty Pageant Secrets

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If you’re looking for top beauty pageant secrets and tips that will give you an edge in your next pageant, then you’ll want to read this article. If you think you can waltz straight into a beauty pageant contest and walk away with the crown without properly preparing, then think again. I have compiled a few top hints and tips here that I found the most useful, and I hope you will too.

Gone are the days when simply the most attractive lady won the pageant contest. Nowadays, you must show off your inner beauty and character too. Many contestants struggle to impress the judges in the interview section, and this is often the most important part of the contest. However, I will reveal some top beauty pageant secrets that you must know if you want to have a chance of winning!

One of my top tips is this, take the contest seriously. The more effort you put into to preparing yourself for the contest, then the more likely you are to be a real contender in the contest. Get all your dresses and gowns ordered long before the pageant, and make sure they all fit exactly right too. The last thing you want to happen, is go searching for the perfect outfits a few days before the contest, and having to settle for something less because you couldn’t find it!

Another one of my beauty pageant secrets and tips is to go for the natural look. The majority of previous pageant winners say that going for the natural look is the best way to go. Your hair should be in a natural style and away from your face too. Definitely do not go over the top, as the judges will mark you down for this.

Go for a smart and suitable suit in the pageant interview round. I say this, because you want the judges to be fully focussed on way you are saying, and how you’re giving your answers. You do not want to wear anything that will distract from the answers you’re saying.

Remember to be yourself throughout the contest. Don’t try and be fake and try to do or say something unnatural to you, the judges will see straight through this, and you won’t have a chance of winning then. Be polite at all times, and treat everyone with respect and you’ll do fine!

One of the top beauty pageant secrets is to be ultra prepared for the interview round. Previous and current pageant winners have said that this round is the clincher, so it makes sense to revise for lots of potential questions you may get asked. Maintain eye contact with the judges and speak clearly to make a strong impression with the judges.

These are just a few beauty pageant secrets of many that you need to know if you want to sweep the winners crown away with you! Make sure you’re aware of these before your next contest.

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The Inner Beauty of a Woman

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There is no doubt that women and beauty are timeless. Everywhere you look you see women displaying their beauty in hairstyles, make-up, cosmetic surgery, fashion and accessories. Women and beauty go together like ice cream and cake. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be pampered and beautiful; adorned with what makes me feel and look beautiful. While most of the emphasis for women and beauty is shown outwardly, how much emphasis is being placed on the inward beauty of women?

The inner beauty of a woman is a very unique quality. It’s quite surprising to find that many women that possess outer beauty do not necessarily possess inner beauty as well. Have you ever encountered the woman that strikes you as beautiful until she begins to show who she really is. Her conversation is full of attitude; instead of confidence she’s cocky, in place of grace she’s tacky. The surface beauty does not compare to the inner ugly. On the contrast, take the woman that’s not really attractive but her personality causes her to shine like the sun at high noon. She has a quiet confidence that exudes explanation. Her inner beauty surpasses by far the fact that she may not be on the cover of anybody’s magazine or looked upon as a beauty queen; she knows who she is.

It would be nice to see more emphasis placed on the inner beauty of a woman. While many women are striving to get that perfect figure, nose, eyes, puffy lips, breast enhanced and enlarged, buttock lift, tummy tuck and whatever else that can be altered, the personality of the woman is not being enhanced at all. A woman’s inner beauty needs to always be evident on the outside. Integrity, honest, morals and values are traits that make up her character. No matter what the situation or circumstances, a woman that possesses inner beauty will conduct herself in matter that makes others take notice. Life brings about many opportunities to fashion a woman’s character for real inner beauty.

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Beauty and Blueberries

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Natural and organic beauty products have been leaving their mark. Ingredients, such as natural essential oils, have been used to enhance the skin and reverse again effects. Fruit is especially popular in wholesale cosmetics.

The blueberry is an amazing choice to have in beauty products. It has antioxidants in it that get rid of free radicals on the skin. Free radicals are what cause your skin to age.

Blueberries are a great source of vitamins. They are particularly equipped with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with beauty because it promotes skin cell removal, which is essential for healthy skin.

Blueberries are used a lot in wholesale cosmetics because they have both vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C and antioxidants together can do a great job of preventing wrinkles naturally. Blueberries are also consumed in the diet as a healthy fruit choice.

Blueberries are included in a lot of wholesale cosmetics. You can also make up your own cosmetics to use. There are plenty of recipes online that incorporate blueberries, such as body wash and face masks.

Blueberries are great for homemade recipes. An inexpensive, popular option is to put blueberries, oats, honey and almonds. Blend together in a blender and make a paste to apply to your face. This facial really improves the appearance of the face.

The recipe listed above can also make a great body scrub. When blending, instead of making a paste you leave things choppier. A body scrub really helps to exfoliate dead skin.

Blueberries being used in wholesale cosmetics is a wonderful idea. They are very beneficial to the field of beauty. Blueberries are very helpful in making your dreams of looking beautiful become a reality. They are a healthy and natural way to look and feel your best, and that can boost your spirits as well.

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Beauty Salon Business Forms

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Every beauty salon has its own business forms for neat functioning. Beauty salon business forms can be computer forms or manual forms, which are used in sales or services.

Common manual forms include invoices, receipts, estimates, statements, human resource materials, credit memos, packing lists, shipping and export forms, timecards, and warehouse/receiving forms. Computer forms may be invoices, statements, proposals, bills, purchase orders, and estimates. Automotive, transmittal, appraisal, work orders, service/repair orders, and service books/register forms are the normal manual service forms. And the manual sales forms are for proposals, contracts, memos, sales books, collections, sales orders, register forms, and sales slips.

The invoices can be in different styles and varieties and can change according to the owner’s choice. However, certain standards must be followed by each beauty salon holder in preparing an invoice. Since a beauty salon is also a place where a person can hire or purchase any beauty product, there are separate purchase order forms. After the purchase, the bills for lading are also given to the customer. The estimate form provides the pricelist of each product in the shop, which helps a customer to choose the appropriate products according to his budget.

A sales book is an important business form in all beauty salons. The sales book contains all information regarding the sale of a particular product, including the product number, quantity, unit price, total price, date of purchase, and more. A sales book can be used as an invoice and receipt so that the sales person can take theses items wherever they are going to sell their products.

Appraisal forms for the service persons, work orders for the business, and details about the service/repair orders all constitute business forms. Business forms also include gift certificates and tax forms. Other types of forms are legal forms and business documents. Professional-looking business forms such as brochures give a detailed idea about the company and its merits.

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7 Common Beauty Questions Answered

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Unfortunately, there’s no all-encompassing beauty manual with instructions on how to use each of the thousands of cosmetics products on the market, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t easy answers to your most common beauty questions. If you’re running into an issue that you just can’t figure out, consult the experts. Here are the answers to some of the most common beauty-related questions.

1. What do I do with that thin plastic lid under the top of beauty creams? Most beauty creams come with that very thin layer of plastic that keeps the cream sealed up until the first time you open it. Although it’s not a disaster if you peel off this plastic and throw it away, it’s definitely a good idea to keep it intact. When the contents of the cream are exposed to the elements, the active ingredients can begin to break down and become ineffective. Keeping the plastic layer provides extra protection.

2. Is it bad to store sunscreen, lotion, or lip balm in the glove compartment? The answer to this one is a resounding no, especially in the summer. When the car heats up to high temperatures, this can totally kill the active ingredients in lotions and sunscreens. After just a short time, you’ll end up with a tube of sunscreen whose SPF protection is nonexistent. This can prove dangerous if you go on using it. Keep your products indoors and out of excess heat.

3. Is it okay to use liner on the inner rims of the eyes? As with all make-up application around the eyes, using liner around the inner rims is safe as long as you have a sure hand. Get as close to the mirror as possible, and do it in a very deliberate way. Also, make sure that the liner pencil stays clean. Otherwise, you may end up spreading germs to the eyes, which can cause a painful eye infection.

4. Is it okay to use loofahs on breakouts? When we get a breakout, we tend to want to get rid of it as soon as possible, and the loofah may be tempting. But keep in mind that vigorous rubbing or over-attention of any kind will just make that breakout worse. Instead, go with the effective dermatological treatments and give that blemish time to heal.

5. Is it okay if a cleansing puff or washcloth never gets dry? Yes. It’s a problem when our cleaning implements stay wet all the time. This constant wetness provides a breeding ground for bacteria, which pretty much negates the benefits of washing in the first place.

6. Is it okay to keep using makeup implements after a cold? Yes. While your makeup implements may carry a few cold germs, you can’t re-catch the same virus. Your naturally developed immunity will protect you. Just don’t share the implements with others.

7. How often should I wash makeup brushes? Wash your makeup brushes at least once a month with soapy, warm water. Shampoo works well, as does bar soap. After washing, blot the brush with a clean towel, and dry the bristles gently with a blow-dryer.

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