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Beauty salon sinks are a beautiful addition to every salon. Most of the sinks in the beauty salons are used for shampooing and rinsing. Salon sinks include shampoo bowls, shampoo cabinets, and shampoo bulkheads. These sinks come with a variety of bowl colors and fixtures.

Beauty salon sinks or basins are designed with a front wall that has a U-shaped depression. During shampooing, rinsing, and other treatments, the customer is positioned in a reclining chair in a backward position. The individual’s neck is placed in the U-shaped depression in the sink. If the customer undergoes a prolonged treatment, there is a chance of getting a nerve injury in the neck.

Beauty salon sinks are now made with special care and with added facilities to remove the problem of nerve injury. It has been found that most people suffer from salon sink nerve injuries after they lean back for a shampoo. For this reason, new beauty salon sinks are manufactured with a head support, which has a U-shaped frame with spaced apart bendable supports. The headrest plate is backed by a frame. Today, a number of head supports with an elongated, perforated, flexible band of water-resistant material are available on the market. These have a flexible cord with ends that are connected to the upper edges of the sink side walls.

There are even portable salon basins available to accommodate wheelchair clients. Some hair salon sinks have a lightweight acrylic shampoo bowl. One variety of beauty salon sinks is the hand-sink equipped with hot and cold running water. It is mainly used for washing hands, arms, or other parts of the body.

In ancient times, these sinks were deep ones used for washing hair. But now, there are different types of sinks that include waist-high sinks, complete with non-slip surfaces and security harnesses; open-ended washtubs; flexible hoses with showerheads, high-powered hairdryers, and extra towels. To make them more attractive, many salon owners try to add tinted green glass and ultramodern fixtures to the sinks.

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