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Satellite Direct

Satellite Direct Review

Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

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Keep Rockin Magazine

Keep Rockin Magazine Review

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If you grew up watching Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, this is your magazine. Feature stories on Billy J. Kramer, Lou Christie, and Chubby Checker have plenty of new photos, fresh facts about the stars and a look at the other side of the music they created.

Featuring stories about the best bands in Chicago, including The Buckinghams, The Ides of March, and Ronnie Rice, readers have the chance to ‘go there’ in pictures from the front of the stage to behind the scenes backstage. You’re taken to the scene of the dance action with features like “Biondi Bop”, hosted by Dick Biondi, everyone’s favorite Chicago DJ. Cousin Brucie mentioned “Keep Rockin” from his on-the-scene Sirius/XM radio show this past winter for his live Buddy Holly event coverage.

One of the issues is a total tribute to Buddy Holly and the Crickets, present-day Crickets as well as the original Crickets, the Picks, and there’s extensive photo coverage of the 50th anniversary of the day everyone remembers in Clear Lake, Iowa, as …the day the music died. Publishers Liz Harris and Lou Holly went “on the scene” in subzero weather to bring this story back. Each issue is printed on high quality gloss stock and includes regular columns from several writers who take you back to “remember when”. If you like hot rods, so does Lou Holly, as he features some ‘boss rides’ in every issue. Crossword puzzles, old album cover art, and recipes for perfect lemon pie make you feel just like you were in the 50s and 60s. Pictures of guys in pompadours and ladies in those early “Jackie Kennedy” days or “Donna Reed” couture are great. There’s also coverage of contemporary events in and around Chicagoland, plus all over the US. One of my stories was accepted and runs in the current issue. Preview of the next issue includes a Clovis, NM music festival, so it’s not exclusively Chicago-based features. Definitely worth the subscription if you grew up in the 50s and 60s and baby boomer is your middle name.

Keep Rockin Magazine Overview

KEEP ROCKIN’ is a 50’s & 60’s nostalgia magazine that features Rock & Roll, Doo Wop, Hot Rods & much more! See your favorite singers, musicians, bathing beauties, movie & TV stars. Regular features include interviews, collector’s corner, jokes, recipes, memory quiz, retro crossword puzzle & more!

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Pianist - Canada

Pianist - Canada Review

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I have been a subscriber since Volume 1. It is one of the best magazines for the serious pianist or the beginer. Good articles that are relevant, excellent choise of pieces to perform, and the CD is a great help - especially with the music minus one. If you want to improve your scope of music - and add additional perfomance peices - this magazine is a must.

Pianist - Canada Overview

A publication for the beginner or the concert performer. Each issue features scores from classical to rock and pop standards. Contains a free CD of the scores, so you can hear how they should sound. Includes music news, CD reviews, articles on piano makers and interviews with top concert pianists.

Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

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7 Common Beauty Questions Answered

Image :

Unfortunately, there’s no all-encompassing beauty manual with instructions on how to use each of the thousands of cosmetics products on the market, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t easy answers to your most common beauty questions. If you’re running into an issue that you just can’t figure out, consult the experts. Here are the answers to some of the most common beauty-related questions.

1. What do I do with that thin plastic lid under the top of beauty creams? Most beauty creams come with that very thin layer of plastic that keeps the cream sealed up until the first time you open it. Although it’s not a disaster if you peel off this plastic and throw it away, it’s definitely a good idea to keep it intact. When the contents of the cream are exposed to the elements, the active ingredients can begin to break down and become ineffective. Keeping the plastic layer provides extra protection.

2. Is it bad to store sunscreen, lotion, or lip balm in the glove compartment? The answer to this one is a resounding no, especially in the summer. When the car heats up to high temperatures, this can totally kill the active ingredients in lotions and sunscreens. After just a short time, you’ll end up with a tube of sunscreen whose SPF protection is nonexistent. This can prove dangerous if you go on using it. Keep your products indoors and out of excess heat.

3. Is it okay to use liner on the inner rims of the eyes? As with all make-up application around the eyes, using liner around the inner rims is safe as long as you have a sure hand. Get as close to the mirror as possible, and do it in a very deliberate way. Also, make sure that the liner pencil stays clean. Otherwise, you may end up spreading germs to the eyes, which can cause a painful eye infection.

4. Is it okay to use loofahs on breakouts? When we get a breakout, we tend to want to get rid of it as soon as possible, and the loofah may be tempting. But keep in mind that vigorous rubbing or over-attention of any kind will just make that breakout worse. Instead, go with the effective dermatological treatments and give that blemish time to heal.

5. Is it okay if a cleansing puff or washcloth never gets dry? Yes. It’s a problem when our cleaning implements stay wet all the time. This constant wetness provides a breeding ground for bacteria, which pretty much negates the benefits of washing in the first place.

6. Is it okay to keep using makeup implements after a cold? Yes. While your makeup implements may carry a few cold germs, you can’t re-catch the same virus. Your naturally developed immunity will protect you. Just don’t share the implements with others.

7. How often should I wash makeup brushes? Wash your makeup brushes at least once a month with soapy, warm water. Shampoo works well, as does bar soap. After washing, blot the brush with a clean towel, and dry the bristles gently with a blow-dryer.

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6 Beauty Skin Care Tips to Keep You Young

Image :

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It helps to keep the good parts in and the bad elements out. Despite being the first line of defense for your body, skin itself is actually pretty fragile. As you age, your skin starts to lose its elasticity, and wrinkles develop. These wrinkles are one of the leading reasons why you might appear older. Thus, the best skin care tips to keep you looking young involve protecting your skin and keeping wrinkles away.

Sun protection

Of all the beauty skin care tips for staying young, one of the most important involves using sun protection. Ideally, you should stay out of the sun as much as possible - this includes tanning. If you cannot avoid going out, make sure that you wear plenty of sunscreen. Many beauty skin care products are now starting to include minimal sun protection elements in them to make this easier.

Exercise and relax

You might not think of exercise as a skin care beauty tip, but regularly exercising the muscles of your face has the same effect as regularly exercising the other muscles of your body - it helps to keep them limber and toned. Strong facial muscles will help to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. By the same token, you should also relax the muscles of your face several times a day. If you spend a lot of time frowning, for example, you will start to develop frown lines along the muscles in your forehead. Squinting your eyes is one of the leading causes of crow’s feet.

Keep your hands away!

Many people have the bad habit of rubbing their eyes or sitting with their face in their hands. If you are one of them, stop now! This beauty skin care tip will help you to avoid pushing your skin out of its natural position, which stretches the skin and can lead to sagging and wrinkles later on.

Eat healthy and maintain a stable weight

Eating healthy is a great beauty skin care tip for several reasons. First, eating healthily helps to make sure that you get all of the nutrients that your skin needs to stay young and healthy. Avoiding high fat foods will also help to keep you appearing young. Plus, eating healthy means that you will stay at a stable weight - rapid weight gain or weight loss can cause skin to become overstretched, making it difficult to bounce back and causing wrinkles.


Healthy skin needs moisture to stay supple and prevent wrinkles, so a fifth beauty skin care tip is to make sure that you use your moisturizer regularly. When you put on moisturizer, always stroke upward and avoid tugging at the eye area. This will help you to avoid damage and keep your skin looking tight and young.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Smoking reduces blood flow, and a reduction of blood flow equals a reduction in nutrients that skin needs. Oxygen is also necessary for the skin and other organs to function properly. Alcohol can dehydrate you, which in turn can have severe effects on your skin. Plus, this beauty skin care tip will have far reaching effects on your overall health.

Keeping your skin young is all about keeping your skin healthy. The more you do, the better your skin will feel.

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Success Magazine : What Achievers Read

Success Magazine : What Achievers Read Review

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This is one of the few magazines I read cover to cover!

If you’re interested in success strategies, success stories and how-to advice from those who have been there, done that and have succeeded - - - this is the magazine for you.

I’m currently reading the April, 2009 issue with articles about/by Suze Orman, John C. Maxwell, Earl Nightingale, Dr. Oz and others. Where else could I get such a wealth of information in one package?

John C. Maxwell’s well-thought out article on 4 Reasons Why People Do Not Reach Their Potential was worth the price of magazine. I figure if I can get at least one wealth building or time saving or success enhancing tip, I’ve made good use of my time.

I’d recommend Success Magazine to those serious students of success and achievement.

Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

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Apriori Beauty MLM - Is Apriori Beauty a Real Company?

Image :

Apriori Beauty was founded and created by Candace Keefe, who herself was a successful network marketer and helped change the live of theirs through this business model.

It was very impressive how a single mom (Candace) was able to go from being literally nothing, just another human on this planet to building huge sales organizations and creating massive amounts of success within the network marketing industry.

I believe many of us take a lot for granite and expect to have everything placed on a silver platter, that wasn’t the case with founder and creator Candace Keefe.

Apriori Beauty has developed some of the latest most cutting edge anti-aging cellular products to help all of feel and look much younger. The baby boomer market is truly full of these types of products, but here is a huge difference. When baby boomers especially in today’s economy are presented with an opportunity to look and feel younger and at the same time build a real retirement for themselves they are the ones who leads many of these companies to extraordinary results.

The  core leadership of this company is very inspiring to read about, I know definitely that Apriori is going to be attracting thousands of women, especially when their leadership staff is all women  based. They have a unique quote stating they will focus of creating success in other women. In the last 3 years of myself being involved in Network Marketing, some of the most successful networkers have been the women, once again its not about the sales, but its about sharing the product with the most people you possibly can and being consistent.

When women find a product they love and see the true benefits, they will literally go out and share it with all their girlfriends. Some of the biggest success stories come from women based organizations and downlines that started with 1 lady and she began to share with all other women.

Apriori Beauty has a very respected website, I know many marketers don’t realize that a corporate website shows the integrity and commitment the leaders have put into their company. I have seen $100 websites and it literally scares potential prospects away because they can just tell that the company is not serious, now with the website that Apriori has it totally lays out they are serious and ready to change the lives of others.

Becoming a Aprior distributor or consultant I should say is not very hard at all, the first step would be to get yourself on the product and locate a local representative to get you started.

The biggest challenge you will have, that all of us marketers go through is this: In order to truly build a lasting business with any network marketing company you are going to need to have consistent people to talk to every single day.

The game works like this: The more people you have your specific product and opportunity to share with, the greater the odds of your success. Its simple numbers game, but in order to have numbers you are going to need some sort of simple web driven system to help leverage some of your time throughout the world using this beautiful technology we call the internet.

If you notice on the corporate website Candace Keefe is very well branded, she has this huge picture and story on their. What I call this is attraction based marketing, she has shared her story and branded herself around the company. Now obviously it is her company, but you as a distributor will need to replicate what she has done, let me share a few critical techniques that will drive your Apriori business through the roof:

1. Begin understanding and seeing how the top producers in Apriori brand themselves at events and throughout the web.

2. Whether you have an impacting story or not, share your story with everyone. This is not sales, its a matter of just sharing your personal testimony and gathering 3-4 others to create a new distributor.

3. Commit yourself to spending 50 percent of your time leveraging the web to generate targeted leads and 50percent of your time with a local group to build meetings and leadership.

Don’t worry about what others are doing and how they are doing. You are here to help the lives of others and at the same time you will be rewarded for serving others. Take action and become aware of a few internet marketing techniques that can literally grow your Apriori check overnight.

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Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures Review

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I found Moving Pictures Magazine to be a movie magazine that concerns itself with content that is, refreshingly, not rooted in celebrity-driven publicity agent-style articles one finds so prevalant today. This publication provides the reader with cogent insight into filmmaking as a form of artistic and social expression. I believe readers will find the content a refreshing change from so-called “fan” magazines. This is a jewel of a publication that provides readers with a different point of view that rewards the attention of anyone who holds even a passing interest in film and/or filmmaking.

Moving Pictures Overview

Moving Pictures Magazine delivers the stories behind the movies. Each issue takes you inside the exciting world of film. In-depth features reveal how motion pictures affect you, and entertaining lifestyle pieces provocatively probe the culture of showbiz.

Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

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Minimag - Canada

Minimag - Canada Review

Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

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Coffee Cosmetics Offer Fresh Beauty Options

Image :

We all love the decadent smell of a fresh cup of Joe, but have you considered what type of beauty options coffee makes available to you within your cosmetics? Coffee is a drink that is full of rich antioxidants, and just to give you a background, antioxidants are vital within any skin care product formula.

Most recently, antioxidants have been being used in facial care products topically to neutralize free radicals underneath the surface of the skin. This is necessary because it prevents outside damage from a variety of sources, including pollution, smoking, and other toxins. If you do not work to neutralize free radicals underneath the surface of your skin through the use of antioxidant facial care, then you will end up with premature fine lines and wrinkles. This is something that greatly contributes to the damage of the skin underneath the surface, and you can topically treat that with the use of antioxidants in your products.

The reason the coffee is becoming such a popular ingredient is not necessarily because of its delicious smell that will wake you up in the morning, but because it has antioxidant properties. Coffee also does contain caffeine, which is a notable skin care ingredient because it works as a vasodilator to constrict the surface of the complexion so that it immediately feels tighter and firmer. Obviously, this is a big plus in any anti aging skin care product, which is why coffee is a notable skin care ingredient to firm and tone facial skin.

Many beauty companies have been using the Arabica form of the coffee berry, and it is now branded as the ingredient CoffeeBerry. This is a trademarked ingredient that is important to keep an eye out for because it is full of the antioxidant properties that are so necessary within skin care. It also does contain monosaccharides and polysaccharides, which are nutrients that come from brewing the coffee bean directly. This ingredient is used in the powder or capsule form, and it also can be taken as supplements.

However, many other companies are taking advantage of these wrinkle fighting benefits from the coffee bean extract by placing this ingredient directly within their skin care products. You can find CoffeeBerry in many different creams and cleansers to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the complexion through the utilization of its nutritive properties. This again will work to fight free radicals underneath the surface of the complexion that directly cause damage and aging to the skin. These products can be on the expensive side, which makes them quite an investment, but it does also prove the powerful skin repairing benefits of the coffee bean.

Many other companies are using green coffee ingredients, which do have the ability to work as an astringent within skin care products to rebuild and restore skin cells that have been damaged by UV rays. Watch out for these innovative beauty products on the market today, which are recommended to treat your skin for an even more beautiful and radiant you!

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