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Most women are born with smooth and spotless skin. But years of neglect and bad habits could be the starting point to an aged appearance, blotches, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and a dull, drawn look. It is true then that good skincare is the basis for good looks. Well, before we come to the commandments, it may please you to know that good nutrition is the first bold step to a more beautiful you.

It is vital for a smooth, wrinkle-free skin. The reason is that giving your body the necessary vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in a non-toxic diet will greatly reduce the chances of early wrinkles and help maintain the skin’s elasticity.

Back to tips you must take seriously if you want to really look good. Keep early wrinkles at bay:

Try to protect your skin from the sun. Ninety percent of problems associated with early wrinkles are as a result of exposure to the sun. When sunlight hits the skin, its rays trigger the production of free radicals (out of control molecules floating in the air, whose only mission is to destroy the healthy cells in our body by breaking down its collagen). Collagen gives its firmness and tone. It also changes the production of skin pigment, known as melanin, which results in the appearance of sun spots and age spots.

(a) If you must come to the sun, form the good habit of applying sunscreen daily regardless of how mild you may think the weather is.

(b) Exfoliate your face thoroughly: Try to exfoliate your face at least twice in a week. It is necessary to exfoliate your facial skin because it helps to get rid of dead cells on your face. It also helps to unblock the closed pores of your facial skin, enabling your skin to breathe.

(c) Cleanse your face twice daily: Yes, this is another basic step to a more beautiful you. Try and cleanse your face with a good cleansing lotion and soft treated cotton wool twice daily after bath. Remember that soap will not get rid of all the oil on your face and when they are just left there or covered with cream, foundation and compact powder, you may end up having some pimples.

(d) Wash your powder pad twice a week: So many women hardly wash their powder pads as and when due. That is why they complain that their compact powder causes pimples, rashes and acne on their face. Check that pad, has it been washed?

(e) Remember to have your eyebrows shaped: If your eyebrows are lush, you may still have them shaped in way to suit your face. There is no harm in that.I want to assure you that if you follow all the above name tips you would never regret it.

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